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June 25th, 2015

Minor fixes for Sue Rogers and other NPCs in Royal Oak. A small fix for the sign for Walt's ATM.

Who is Online

The Savage Soul: Scorched Earth is a character-skill-based mud set in a magic-rich, zombie-ridden, post-apocalyptic future. Devastated by a full-scale nuclear exchange and transformed by a gene-altering virus, the dark landscape of 2195 Detroit is home to monsters, magic, and dazzling technology. Player characters in the form of barbaric mutants, powerful sorcerers, worldly Zisters, 21st Century Sleepers, androids, robotoids, undead Shamblers, and cannibalistic Morlocks will struggle for survival against a nightmarish world and each other.


Human - Zister

A standard human being, they are capable of performing psionics, magic, and may have mutations.

After the fall of civilization most humans hid or scraped by. Some where horribly deformed, others simply starved. A small few survived the blasts and started repopulating cities.

Human - Sheltie

A standard human being. They are incapable of performing psionics, magic, and may not have mutations.

Just before the fall of civilization some of the humans teleported to shelters to ride out the destruction underground. These bunkers were capable of supporting life for hundreds of years. These humans have decided it was time to head back into the world to see what awaits them. They do not have knowledge of the world and must work to understand modern history as they were cut off from it many years before.


Incapable of using psionics, magic, and may not have mutations. Modifications are available for various functionality and increased capabilities.

Androids are becoming more rare as the days draw on. Finding replacement parts for missing limbs is at best a challenge. The androids were all created quite a number of years ago. Some were designed to awaken when the shelties awakened as teachers or assistants for those that could afford it. Others have been running for a very long time slowly decaying.

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